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EV charging station with 100 charging points for four wheelers started in Gurugram

New Delhi: An Electric Vehicle (EV) charging station with 100 charging points for four-wheelers became operational in Sector 52 of Gurugram on Friday. The EV station has been developed by tech-piloting company Alektrify.

Out of 100 charging points, 72 units are AC slow chargers while 24 units have DC fast chargers. Earlier, India’s largest EV charging station was located in Navi Mumbai, with 16 AC and 4 DC charging ports for EVs, the company said.

Praveen Kumar, Member – NHEV Working Group and Managing Director, Electrify Charging Hub, said, “The station has 96 operational charging ports for electric vehicles for 96 EVs at a time and can serve 576 electric vehicles round the clock.

1 AC charger takes up to 6 hours to charge an EV and can charge a total of 4 vehicles in a day and 72 such chargers can charge 288 EVs every day. Whereas our fast DC charger can charge a vehicle in less than 2 hours and comfortably charge up to 12 EVs per day at this station. We have 24 DC 5KW chargers that can charge 288 EVs with day and night usage.”

Abhijit Sinha, National Program Director, Ease of Doing Business Program and National Highways Project Director for Electric Vehicles in Additional Charge, said, “India is on the verge of making highly competitive investments in e-mobility charging infra setups as compared to fuel stations. Ease of licensing, commissioning, electrification, certification and conditions for achieving revenue parity with existing petrol pumps.

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