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Anti Theft System (ATS) and the Electric Vehicle Registration (EVR) framework of NHforEV (National Highways for Electric Vehicle)

Currently, EVs are registered like other vehicles at Regional Transport Offices (RTO) the difference is issued number plates color is green. In EVR, registering RTO is proposed to share EV registration data with ATS for digitalization. Similarly when an EV reported stolen in any Police Station, FIR to be forwarded to the nearest Cyber Crime Cell which would, in turn, forward it to centrally located ATS. ATS would be connected with both Charging Grids and Charging Stations through Network Service Providers. When a stolen vehicle is flagged with its BMS (Battery Management System) digital registration identity, it would not be able to access any Charging Points / Stations, Web /App Or Digital Payment interfaces. This would significantly impact the vehicle’s ability for convenient and seamless operation.

Electric vehicles in India will finally have some differentiation from their internal combustion counterparts on the road. All-electric vehicles in India will soon get a new (and we think rather cool) green license plate. The government approved this new move to a different colored plate specially for zero-emissions vehicles for both private and commercial use. The private electric vehicles will have green backing and white fonts. Another bold move anticipated and being prototyped under #NHforEV

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