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Alektrify’s Latest EV Charging Station In Gurugram Can Juice Up To 100 Electric Vehicles At Once

72 AC slow chargers and 24 DC fast chargers should be enough for just about everyone eager to jump on the electric bandwagon in the next couple of years or so

Located in Gurugram, it completely blows away the previous charging station benchmark for India, set at Navi Mumbai with 24 chargers.
Capable of accommodating up to 576 EVs over 24 hrs.
AC charger will take up to six hours to juice up an EV, with a DC fast charger taking less than two hours.
Part of a slew of EV chargers being planned for NHEV’s 500km e-highway between Jaipur, Delhi and Agra.

While India is pushing forward in its electrification journey, its charging infrastructure isn’t quite mature enough to handle largely electric transportation just yet. But Alektrify has just taken a major step in evolving this infrastructure by commissioning India’s largest charging station in sector 52 of Gurugram. How large? Well it can charge up to 100 electric vehicles in one go. For context, the now-second-largest EV charging station in Navi Mumbai accommodates only 20 charging points.

As for what type of chargers there are, 72 of them will be AC slow chargers and 24 will comprise DC fast chargers. Alektrify’s managing director Praveen Kumar claims that the charging station will be able to accommodate up to 576 electric vehicles over a 24-hour period.

He also claims one AC charger will charge an EV in around six hours, which translates to four vehicles over the course of a day. Add on 72 chargers and the charging station is capable of charging 288 EVs per day. A fast DC charger on the other hand can do the same in under two hours with 12 EVs being charged everyday. 24 of them can charge 288 EVs in a day-night scenario.

This isn’t all that’s coming from Alektrify, as this charging station will serve as a prototype for upcoming electric charging stations under the National Highways for Electric Vehicles (NHEV) project to make India’s first 500km e-highway between Jaipur, Delhi and Agra.

While the addition of Alektrify’s charging station won’t completely solve India’s still-immature charging infrastructure, it is nonetheless a welcome addition with the hopes that it could accelerate EV adoption in India.

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