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Why is E-Bus travel exactly the same as flight experience on NHEV?

Have you ever imagined the experience of a flight in a bus? If not, this is going to be a reality soon with the introduction of 12 E-Bus on the Agra-Delhi-Jaipur E-Highway. Prototyped under National Highway for Electric Vehicle (an Ease of Doing Business initiative of ASSAR) has already conducted the first trial run in Nov-Dec 2020 between Delhi and Agra and is likely to undertake the second trial run from Delhi to Jaipur shortly.

Booking & On-Boarding of Jaipur – Delhi – Agra E-Busses in NHEV

According to pilot team of the project, advance booking for such electric buses will be done online and through travel booking apps like ‘Make My Trip’ not over the counter. Unlike the private luxury diesel buses like Volvo which gives four to five roadside boarding options, the on-boarding facility for E-Bus will be available at two luxury hotels only. E-bus boarding shall be done from the lobby or banquet entry of two designated 5-Star hotels only in the vicinity.

You are welcome on wheels like on-boarded a flight

After on-boarding a two-by-two E-Bus, the passenger is guided to the pre-allotted seat which he has booked. Passengers will then be given sanitized hot and cold disposable towel, depending upon the weather. Keeping in mind India’s culture, the passengers will be received with a traditional welcome drink like tea, coffee, chanch and jaljeera, which would be accustomed to that particular area where the E-Bus is plying. A glimpse of India’s cultural tourism can be witnessed here. They are offered snacks on the E-Bus which are handy and can be eaten without spilling or spoiling dresses. These eatables are complementary with the ticket. However, one can also order more by paying from one’s pocket.

Internet on the wheels is faster and better than flights

E-Busses are well equipped and connected with high speed internet reception and router equipment for passing High-speed internet to passengers. Every seat has a touch screen in front of it where one can watch OTT platforms or one’s favorite Hollywood/Bollywood blockbuster or play a video game with sanitized Bluetooth headphones. Keeping in mind the security of kids or passengers travelling alone, they can share their live location on 3 mobile numbers of their parents, relatives or spouse, who in turn can track live movement of the vehicle. The screen also navigates to the next stop on the route, time to reach and kilometer from the present location of bus. Information about availability of other utilities and services like saloon, spa, and foot massage facility is also given t o the passenger.

It also provides information about restaurants and other eating options available at the E-Lounge, which are exclusively reserved for E-passengers. They can choose the restaurants and order the food of their choice from the E-bus itself. The menu comes on the screen and nothing is handheld. All the up-class and modern food outlets like north and South Indian, Awadhi, Mughlai, Khadi are available. These E-outlets have been designed keeping in mind the ease and comfort of the passengers to give them a sense of exclusivity and sustainability.

Green E-Lounges and food courts at NHEV Charging Stations

Once you reach the station, you will be taken to a dedicated service area meant for E-passengers. This reserved area is only for E-passengers where other passengers travelling with ‘Green Number’ plate shall be allowed to enter but diesel cars or buses shall not be allowed. Restrictions for non-EV vehicles and passengers have been intentionally done to provide a sense of exclusivity in E-Bus and Electric car passengers with an in-flight comfort, security and experience. People restricted from entry get proper information about how they can book their next trip on E-bus and enjoy these E-lounges. And they can hire an EV car without driver for their next Jaipur – Delhi – Agra family or business trip. This psychological pattern to join league of people who care about nature, environment and sustainability while choosing their travel option makes this ecosystem more viable. This shall make ‘EV Travel’ a fashion trend of ‘nature & climate conscious’ class and would reflect on its ticketing / car booking; which means and results in induction of more EVs on these E-highways.


The restaurant staff present in the dedicated area will guide to your reserved seat in the fine-dine E-lounge and you can enjoy the food, beverages and services which you have ordered from bus. Few meals are with tickets while other dishes can be booked or ordered. Payment for all the transactions in the journey will either be done through wallet or through debit and credit cards. Cash payment can be done, but is generally discouraged.

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