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EV’s are going to be a stimulus for the common man’s pocket in the near future.

Often the perception of transitional technology is not very vivid in the eyes of a common man because more often than not, it is going to have jolts in his/her pocket in the longer run. The most relatable example is the digitization of banking services, in which few services are already being charged(sms alerts, atm transactions) and few others will be charged frivolously in the near future(like bank to bank transactions). But the ship that we all are sailing doesn’t seem to be as wrecked as we thought because of certain booming technologies.
One of them which is often talked about and is also in the government’s vision is Electric Vehicle Technology. By 2030, the government aims to make India a 100-per cent electricvehicle nation. It has proposed that two-wheelers below the engine capacity of 150cc sold in the country after March 31, 2025, and three-wheelers sold after March 31, 2023, should be EVs. But the elephant in the room is how it is going to be beneficial for your pocket and my pocket, and if I may say so for everybody’s pocket. To start off, because this is going to be accordance with climate regulation , the government will not only be providing subsidies but also will be providing incentives as a direct benefit. The maintenance of these vehicles will be lesser as compared to their earlier counterparts because of clean emission which will benefit all. 

Now, shifting focus  to talk of the world, i.e fuel prices , which in this case will be electricity, so you can be assured of expenditures on that because sustainable electricity models like solar energy and hydro energy will provide electricity at fraction of earlier costs.These all are direct benefits but the indirect benefits are also going to be immense.Due to this very same reason transport is going to become cheap. Some startups like BLU-Smart have already jumped into E-mobility while the established ones are restructuring themselves.

We are in a generation of ease , everything that we need reaches us by startups like Zomato, Swiggy,Dunzo, Amazon,Netmeds, Ferns and Petals and not to anyone’s surprise they very often charge hefty amount of money as a delivery charges because they either have a third party logistics or the have their own logistics both in which they will be spending and in turn, money is taken out of your pocket. But with electric vehicles , their delivery costs are going to be reduced and it is more likely that the benefit is going to come into consumers’ pockets. Though the costs seem redundant when looked at per delivery cost but when we look at operations for the whole month or year for that matter, it becomes an immense amount of money.

To sum it up , technology may look haywire at first go but there is silver lining to it and all of us will be benefited by it at least in the case of Electric vehicles.


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