Nature speaks to those who listen. But we didn’t. And here we are, in isolation, round the clock care, panic, and uncertainty admist a global pandemic. However we at NHEV stand together, open in these hard time to fight Coronavirus. It will be difficult but not impossible. 

With the government taking strict measures to ensure the lockdown, in these moments when the good of all hinges on the sacrifices of many, clear coordination matters and it is our responsibility at Ease of Doing Business to ensure no consistent losses in business by extending the timelines/ deadlines, working from home, encouraging con-calls/ video conferences and taking care of one another by all means.

If the current round of social distancing measures work, the pandemic may ebb enough for things to return to a semblance of normalcy. There is also the potential for a much better world after we get through this. It will catalyze social change and people, businesses and institutions will be remarkably quick to adopt a greener mode of transportation and more concerned and connected to the environment. 

As we take a step forward towards a green economy we would encourage all of you to stand united in the hard times. Let’s open ourselves to green mobility.  


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