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Now your Zomato delivery executive will bring your order on an electric bike

Zomato has entered a partnership with electric bike rental platform eBikeGo to enable its delivery fleet to use eco-friendly electric vehicles, instead of petrol two-wheelers.

Electric two-wheeler rental platform eBikeGo on Tuesday announced that it has joined hands with foodtech unicorn Zomato to enable its delivery fleet to leverage electric vehicles, instead of using petrol two wheelers.  This collaboration, according to eBikeGo, is expected to not just contribute to the environment but also open employment opportunities for delivery executives who cannot afford a motorcycle.

Speaking on this collaboration, Dr Irfan Khan, Founder, eBikeGO, said, “We are very glad to tie up with Zomato, India’s biggest food delivery company, for converting their petrol two-wheeler fleet to electric, which, in turn, reduces the pollution caused and also by providing employment to many executives by providing an electric scooter for only Rs 100 a day. We are also planning to launch our operations in every city where Zomato is operational by providing them with an eco-friendly solution to deliver food.”  

Launched in 2017, eBikeGo was founded by Dr Irfan Khan and is a two-wheeler rental and delivery platform which runs for around 90 kms after an electronic charge for about two to three hour.  The bikes run with a speed of 55 km/hr. With its inception from Amritsar, eBikeGo is operating in cities like Delhi, Jaipur, Ludhiana, and Agra, and is aiming to build a fleet of one lakh bikes in 100 cities spread across the country. The platform presently uses Okinawa Ridge plus electric scooters to operate in the country’s capital, said the company in a statement. However, it soon plans to use electric scooters that will be manufactured in-house.

In addition to delivery platforms, eBikeGo is also targeting travellers, students, and working executives. eBikeGo plans to position a minimum of 10,000 electric bikes in every metro city in India in the coming months.



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