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‘Scientists’ turned into ‘Economists’ to review PM Modi preparedness against 2nd Wave? asks Abhijeet

Beware of this new breed of #Economist who claim to offer a mind-blowing solution on social media for funding of COVID vaccine by dividing the total budget of ‘Central Vista’ project with country population.

They are the same #Economists‘ who turned #Scientists‘ before media to spread rumours with doubts & debates on the credibility of vaccines, when other countries were silently placing orders to Serum India & building transport & nursing infra to administer them.

They are the ‘#Economists‘ who don’t even know how GDP calculated. But They will show you SII export numbers to prove: PM Modi Donated / Exported vaccines to other countries when people are dying in India; without mentioning a single word about WTO/WHO medicine #diplomacy on global COVID crisis.

Indian manufacturer of vaccine SII clearly mentioned that they have received all scientific, regulatory and financial support from Govt of India also Rs. 1732 Crore INR as advance for the order. Still these self-styled Economist- Cum – Scientists tried to mislead entire nation with a narrative that Indian Govt is blindly choosing infrastructure revamp over citizen lives while there was no dearth of financial support for manufacturing ordered vaccines.

Official Statement

These self-proclaimed ‘Disaster Management & Planning experts’ would tell you how Modi, Yogi and other BJP CMs failed in planning & begging for AIDs before countries but they wouldn’t speak anything about the impact of their previous rumours, that widly disrupted planning, demand and districution of vaccines. But let me list them for your recap:

Rumour 1- This vaccine has no medical credibility, protection or effect on infection, it’s useless for states to buy or place any order & today they are asking why there is shortage in production and why vaccines is going out to foreign countries on SII orders?

Rumour 2- They asked Why Govt is in such a hurry to approve vaccines, openly questioned Govt of India- Oxford approval ? Today questioning why govt isn’t giving approval to all companies to make vaccines faster & abundant; despite of knowing the fact that it isn’t a terrace medicine?

Rumour 3- This is a BJP saffron vaccines. We will not vaccinate ourselves, Congress and Samajwadi Party members as it’ll make them impotent & today asking UP govt about deaths but not talking about the appreciation that Yogi got from WHO for his door to door testing campaign.

Rumour 4- BJP & SII Poonawalla are a nexus. Pressurise him he’ll break & they tortured him, given life threat to SII CEO Adar; finally he had to leave India. Then pushed Kejriwal to ask central govt to share vaccine formula with all companies just to get public attention span.

They initially questioned India’s Vaccines Diplomacy, later when we started getting help from worldwide due to our initial medicine Diplomacy, they tried to project Modi govt is begging before nations for help but forgot to mention WHO and WTO agreement to supply medicine as per medical diplomacy against COVID.

File Photo: Abhijeet Sinha

Disclaimer: Author of this article is Abhijeet Sinha, National Program Director in Ease of Doing Business division of ASSAR. But views and opinions expressed in the article are of author discretely doesn’t express version of Ease of Doing Business Division or Advance Services for Social and Administrative Reforms.


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