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eBikeGo to roll out 3,000 e-bikes to promote e-mobility

Start-up eBikeGO, in partnership with ASSAR (Advanced Services for Social and Administrative Reforms), EoDB (Ease of Doing Business) and supported by the Ministry of MSME is planning to scale up its operations by introducing over 3,000 new e-bikes across seven cities in India to promote e-mobility and green energy.

While ASSAR would help its partners and riders enter electric mobility space through franchise- owned and company-operated (FOCO) model of eBikeGO, EoDB and eBikeGO would co-promote and co-deploy over 3,000 EV bikes with various e-commerce and logistics companies such as Amazon, Big Basket and Swiggy. The Ministry of MSME would support the initiative through government schemes and augmenting funding.

“These 3.000 bikes are the first of the lot from the ambitious pool of 30,000 bikes, that eBikeGO is targeting to convert to EV out of the current running base of three-crore two-wheelers on Indian roads,” eBikeGo said in a statement.

In phase 1, the company will deploy 900 e-bikes in Delhi, 700 in Mumbai, 700 in Bengaluru, 200 in Pune, 150 in Amritsar, 150 in Hyderabad and 200 in Jaipur.

T. Irfan Khan, founder & CEO, eBike GO said, “Our interest in this collaboration is in line with our ambition to push EV adoption in India.”

SourceThe Hindu


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