Road Safety

Self- Driven vehicles: need of the hour.

The self-driving vehicle is one of the most exciting innovations in the modern transportation.

Self-driving car can be a big boon for people having trouble in driving, those with disabilities or elderly.

Self-driving vehicles also mean less pollution and less congestion on the roads.

As majority of accidents are caused due to human errors, autonomous vehicles will lead to fewer accidents on the roads.

And fewer traffic jams due to congestion, from accidents or blocking lanes.

Put together these will reduce operational costs and maintenance requirements of the vehicles.

Moreover, it will also reduce transport energy consumption by 70% as per studies.

By 2035, self-driving vehicles may become dominant player to lead the future of transportation.

And just as we’ve seen with mobile phones and other essential technological capabilities, can they be a part of your regular life?

Think about how a self-driving vehicle would affect your life.

But can Indian roads adopt self driving vehicle? Road safety, mixed traffic and enforcement remain big challenge!

Authored by Akhilesh Srivastava
NHEV Knowledge Group Member | World Economic Forum | IT Advisor to Government of Uttarakhand

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