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Experience an Electric Vehicle before you own one

E-Mobility as a technology for tomorrow is piled up with lots of failures incurred during commercialization because of wrong expectations. Multiple times we have seen that numbers of cutting tail pipe emissions couldn’t be reached because people didn’t step up to buy EV as aggressively as they were expected. 

So wherever there is a gap of business model or financing tool for a promising emerging technology, we at Ease of Doing Business division, prototype it on a hybrid financing model to see the market response. In this case, we evaluated the combined expectations of Corporate, Transport sector, OEMs, Govt. and Environment agencies from vehicle buyers. We didn’t find it realistic either economically or morally for them to spend 14 to 27 Lacs to buy an EV, just because they are getting subsidies or should morally contribute in our combat against pollution. 

To bring them as EV buyers, it was necessary for us to make them users first. This could be done by asking them for a small premium which they are anyways paying as tickets. So National Highways for Electric Vehicles 2020 has planned to shoot this pilot model by running 6 E-Buses from each side towards Jaipur and Agra everyday and vice-versa from these destinations to Delhi. 

These 12 E-buses will carry 432 people paying usual ticket price to experience state-of-the-art in-flight level services that include Hot/Cold Towel, Sanitizers, Tissues, Service Hostesses, Soup, Snacks, Juices, Soft Drinks, Personal Screen in front of each seat. This could be used for Music, Internet Surfing and Work.

“We at V-DRIVE are committed to give every Electric Bus passenger of NHEV an in-flight experience starting from agronomic seats to standard snacks and elite on board crew services. I spent significant number of years at Emirates and other airlines and can assure that rendering a similar to flight services will make it passengers first choice to travel on NHEV E-buses which would eventually increase more fleet operators buying busses”

Vivek Rawat, Director V-Drive, an onboard fleet and service company to run buses under National Highways for Electric Vehicles.

It will also give navigation and live tracking of the passenger and keep them updated about the upcoming services and outlets, in the course of the E-bus journey. So, they can pay in advance through PayTM QR code for the services they wish to avail.

We found National Highways for Electric Vehicles quite interesting and there is potential from both passenger’s E-wallet transactions and vehicle’s charging payments at stations. Electric Vehicles are the future of sustainability for cleaner climate. Traffic and transactions both are destined to increase. This opportunity to step in as payment gateway is very likely to bring smoothness and scalability both, we are in conversation to shape it shortly with EoDB Division of ASSAR

Saurabh Jain, VP PayTM, Head Build for India.

This tech inability would not only keep people safe, happy and engaged but will also increase sales and services at the outlet. With 432 passengers on a single day, 11232 eyeballs every month (for 30-45 minutes), there is a possibility of converting significant users into potential buyers that include foreign tourists as well. While a ride in Electric Bus will cost 800-1200 INR, a hired self-drive electric car will cost merely 200-300 INR extra.

“We are partnering with leading transport logistic operators and Automotive OEM’s like Ola, Uber, GVK, TVS, Ashok Leyland, Mahindra, VOLVO, Olectra, on telematics and transport operations and quite confident that we will be able to take public transport infotainment and onboard internet streaming on next level for passengers and facilitate their smooth e-wallet transactions with charging station outlets while they are on wheels. We are expecting the live tracking of NHEV cars and EVs to build this 500 Km telematics covered E-Highway a complete peace of mind for drivers’ passengers and fleet operators from Range Anxiety, availability of Charging and breakdowns with roadside assistance (RSA) providers.”


Anup Naik, CEO, ZELIOT a subsidiary of iTriangle, a leading telematics service provider of National Highway for Electric Vehicles.

This will create a buzz and bring in lot of enquiries about the need and benefits of owning an Electric Vehicle. These queries will be answered by our well-trained staff, who will convince them on how this wise decision will ensures a promising future for them and the generations to come. 


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