NHEV Pilot to dispense H2 for trucks gets push with cabinet approval on Hydrogen

Cabinet approval on Hydrogen Mission with an allocation of ₹19,744 crore clears the way for NHEV to become 1st pilot project with capabilities of green hydrogen dispensing on E-highways through these next-generation stations.

Electric BUS and EV SUVs have already conducted their 500 km tech-trial run successfully between Jaipur- Delhi– Agra in 2 phases and the ambitious pilot now awaits the manufacturing of hydrogen-driven heavy cargo trucks and vehicles to test its H2 storage and dispensing model. The miniature model of the NHEV station with H2 provision as envisaged by Dr V. K. Saraswat, Member NITI Aayog, in the planning and designing phase itself was revealed in September 2022 by Shri Nitin Gadkari.

“Utmost safety and outstanding functionality to achieve commercialization are our key focus areas in these technical trials and pilot projects; day by day we are achieving capabilities of fast filling of hydrogen in buses and trucks at upcoming NHEV green fuel stations”, said Abhijeet Sinha, National Project Director, NHEV.

“Inducting hydrogen dispensing capabilities at the planning stage of stations was a game-changer input from our visionary Chair of NHEV Knowledge Group Dr. V K Saraswat. It allowed us time to gather information on global tech trends and make Indian refuelling stations’ planning technically able to provide high flow in short filling times, low noise refuelling, and pressure stages between 35 MPa to 25 MPa. Special Data interface for communication between vehicles and fueling dispensers at NHEV stations is to avoid wrong use – with coding for pressure stage and gas type. It also ensures user’s convenience and safety through integrated swivel joints and nozzles with suitable breakaway couplings that protect the dispenser in case of accidental deployment, and stops leakage of compressed hydrogen (CGH2)” said Sinha, Program Director of emerging tech piloting agency EoDB Services currently contributing with tech-pilots in Prime Minister’s vision of Ease of Doing Business and was previously associated with Citizen of Accountable Governance (CAG) in his 2014 campaign team.

These 3rd generation green NHEV Charging stations now after approval of a total outlay of ₹19,744 crore for the Hydrogen Mission and Pilot budget allocation of Rs. 1466 Crore, will be able to push manufacturing of vehicles and H2 plants to compete with old petrol pumps as envisaged by then NITI Aayog CEO Amitabh Kant after the visit of NHEV prototype station.

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