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Germany’s Mainstage Incubator To Help Indian Startups To Build Business In Europe

Bengaluru, NFAPost News Service: Germany-based start-up Launchpad, Mainstage Incubator, announced its presence in India with the stated aim to help startups from India to set up a base in Germany and utilise it as a Launchpad to reach the rest of the European markets.

Swen Wegner, Founder and CEO of Mainstage Incubator, along with Debasis Chakraborty, Co-Founder and COO, addressed the event during Mainstage Incubator India Summit 2020 which took place in Bangalore.

Mainstage Incubator is a Launchpad founded with the vision to help the ambitious entrepreneurs even from Tier II and Tier III cities and towns to build world-class startups in the heart of Europe. Mainstage Incubator serves as an enabler of every founder who wishes to sow the seeds of his ambitions in Europe and be part of the New European Dream.

Mainstage Incubator also singed an MoU with Ease of Doing Business Division, an organisation working closely on Prime Minister Narendra Modi vision of EoDB

“We believe signing an MoU with Abhijeet Sinha, National Programme Director of Ease of Doing Business Division is a great moment for us. We do hope it will help us to work with central government programmes and expand pan-India,” said Mainstage Incubator Co-Founder Debasis Chakraborty.

Mainstage Incubator Co-Founder Debasis Chakraborty shakes hands with Abhijeet Sinha, National Programme Director of Ease of Doing Business Division of ASSAR

Singing the MoU, Ease of Doing Business Division National Programme Director Abhijeet Sinha said it is great to associate with Germany headquartered startup incubation ecosystem.

“We are looking at exploring more learning from outside India so that we can have best practices to be followed. Germany is an ideal location where we have witnessed exponential growth of manufacturing impacting the GDP. We need more startup and industry synergy to accelerate growth in the country,” said Abhijeet Sinha.

Currently, Mainstage Incubator has onboarded five start-ups – Untapd, Eta-Iota, Simplyfi, Agrimainfotech, SocioRAC and Beagle Security hailing from the states of Karnataka, Kerala, Odisha and Sikkim. These five qualified from a pool of 50 applicants that applied to be part of the Launchpad Programme.

The Launchpad follows a subscription model wherein the incubatees can pay a fixed monthly subscription retainer with Mainstage holding zero or a limited Equity in the startups.

Mainstage Incubator Founder and CEO Swen Wegner said he is very upbeat about the Indian startup ecosystem which is not seen in the big cities like Bangalore and Mumbai alone, but is also visible in smaller cities.

“We want to tap these innovative startups that provide solutions, irrespective of the sector they are under. Mainstage will validate the proof of concept of these startups and after studying their business model and their products, we will check for their feasibility by ensuring better standards. Once that is met, we will help them tie up with local companies and Government Bodies in Germany initially, before setting up a business in other parts of Europe,” said Mainstage Incubator Founder and CEO Swen Wegner

“India is known for its startups from the IT, IT services space, but there is also a huge neglected Non-Tech ecosystem. We are planning to expand our presence in South Asia by experimenting in India. Going forward we will come up with more workshop,” said Mainstage Incubator Co-Founder

Debasis Chakraborty.

Mainstage Incubator is an innovation bridge creating a bridge between the developing economies and developed economies. It is an innovation bridge between India and Germany to start with, later spreading across Europe.

It is an initiative of a Germany-based serial entrepreneur Swen Wagner and Debasis Chakraborty. Mainstage will use its extensive Industry and Investor network in a wide range of Industries and its hands-on Sales and Go-to Market Coaching, as well as Fund Raising and Visionary Matchmaking Events and Meetups.

Talking to NFAPost, security startup App Fabs Founder and Director Rejah Rehim said it is great to be part of Maintage Incubator.

“We being a security company we do hope that our relationship with Mainstage Incubator will help us to expand our presence in Europe. We are getting enough support from Swen Wagner and Debasis Chakraborty in this regard,” said App Fabs Founder and Director Rejah Rehim.

Agrima infotech is an artificial intelligence company focusing on computer vision. The Psyight platform helps enterprises to build computer vision solutions for identifying and analysing images for multiple use cases.

The solutions are offered via API, Mobile SDK and on-premise deployments.SimplyFI is a Trade Finance platform based on Blockchain and AI. This platform acts as a marketplace connecting  Importers and exporters, Financial institutions so that capital requirement of the trade parties are instantly addressed and reduced risk for financial institutions.LeadZen promotes the casual social selling of start-up B2B products via independent experts and sales pros.

Users can earn commission for helping buyers in their network find the right product solution. Untap’d is an end to end cutting edge solution for Connected Cars Ecosystem.Beagle Security – NexGen Cost-effective security engineer for your web applications and APIs to address the cybersecurity needs of SMEs and startups.

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