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India’s Largest EV Charging Station Set Up In Gurugram

There are a total of 96 chargers at this station which comprise of 72 AC slow chargers and 24 DC fast chargers.

100 charging points for electric four-wheelers from 96 chargers. Yes, that’s how many charging points have been set up by Alektrify as part of India’s largest EV charging infrastructure. They are located in sector 52 of Gurugram. Out of these 96 units, 72 are AC slow chargers and 24 DC fast chargers.

This station is now open with 96 chargers for technical inspection for various ‘Certification Compliance’ and ‘Safety Standards’ laid two week ago by the Power Ministry, Govt of India. Until now, India’s largest EV charging network was located in Navi Mumbai with 16 AC & 4 DC charging ports for EVs.

At this station, one AC charger takes up to six hours to charge an EV. It can charge four electric vehicles per day and 72 such chargers can charge 288 EVs everyday. On the other hand, the fast DC chargers can juice up a vehicle in less than two hours and 12 EVs everyday. For overnight usage, there are 24 such DC 5KW chargers to charge 288 EVs.

Here’s the detailed press release:

National Highway for EV commissioned

India’s Largest Charging Station by Alektrify

The facility to act as a benchmark for future EV charging stations across the nation under an Ease of Doing Business pilot program NHEV also involved in making Jaipur – Delhi – Agra E-Highway

New Delhi: Friday, 28th Jan 2022

India’s largest electric vehicle charging station was commissioned on this Friday under Ease of Doing Business program of India’s leading Tech-piloting company EoDB Services at Alektrify hub in sector 52 of Gurugram. This station is now open with 96 chargers for technical inspection for various ‘Certification Compliance’ and ‘Safety Standards’ laid two week ago by Power Ministry, Govt of India and which also opened the doors for offering government land to government or public agencies and private entities for setting up charging stations on a revenue-sharing basis.

This charging station is the largest in India with 100 charging points for 4 wheelers. Previously, India’s largest EV charging station was situated in Navi Mumbai with 16 AC & 4 DC charging ports for EVs. This EV charging station will not only boost the electric vehicles industry in the region, but will also act as a benchmark for large EV charging stations across the nation in future. During the program, the representatives from the government agencies were given a guided tour of the facility and provided with information regarding various government standard compliances and industry best practices followed in the establishment and operations of the station.

During the ceremony Mr. Abhijeet Sinha, National Program Director, Ease of Doing Business program and Project Director of National Highway for Electric Vehicle in additional charge said that – “India is on the verge of making investment in E-mobility charging infra setup highly competitive compared to fuel stations in terms of ease in licensing, commissioning, electrification, certification and to draw revenue equivalence with existing petrol pumps. Electric vehicle charging stations of this size and magnitude are rare and will be instrumental for the industry to experience actual Ease of Doing Business in smooth ‘Certification Compliance’ and ‘Safety Standards’. Electric vehicles are the future and this station is our prototyped preparation for that future. This ultra-modern station is now open to meet all the regulatory standards set by the government. It will also set the standard as a prototype station for all the upcoming EV charging stations of National Highways for Electric Vehicle (NHEV) pilot project making India’s first 500 km E-Highway between Jaipur -Delhi-Agra”.

In his inaugural address Mr. Sudhendu J. Sinha, Adviser (Infrastructure, Connectivity – Transport and Electric Mobility), NITI Aayog, said that “India is committed towards the fight against environmental degradation and achieve carbon neutrality by 2070. Electric Vehicles will significantly help India achieve these targets. The EV charging station inaugurated today fast forwards India’s entry into the EV era and opens doors for faster adoption of EVs. Not only will this station encourage more people to invest in electric vehicles, but also motivate people to invest in the EV charging infra business.”

The EV charging station with 100 charging points (72 AC slow charger and 24 DC fast chargers) is situated in sector 52 of Gurgaon. The station has been installed and operated by Alektrify. Alektrify is an official commissioning and installation partner company of NHEV pilot for setting-up Charging Stations on Jaipur–Delhi-Agra E-highway under Ease of Doing Business pilot program NHEV to demonstrate competitive advantage of owning a charging station business over petrol pumps, in terms of ease in licensing, designing, commissioning, installation, electrification, and safety certifications.

Mr. Praveen Kumar, Member – NHEV Working Group and Managing Director of Alektrify charging hub told that – “The station has 96 operational charging ports for electric vehicles for 96 EVs at a time and can serve upto 576 electric vehicles round the clock. 1 AC charger takes upto 6 hours to charge an EV and can charge a total of 4 vehicles in a day and 72 such chargers can charge 288 EV every day. While our fast DC chargers can charge a vehicle in less than 2 hours and can comfortably charge 12 EVs every day at this station. We have 24 such DC 5KW chargers to charge 288 EVs in a day-night utilization.”

During the event leading piloting and prototyping companies contributing in Prime Minister’s Ease of Doing Business initiative also revealed their unique Charging Station’s design layouts for their flagship e-mobility pilot program National Highways for EV (NHEV). It’s Project Director Mr. Abhijeet Sinha said that- “Across the world charging stations have similar layouts and formations like petrol pumps and parking lots. India shall lead this segment with these hemispheres shaped, energy efficient, green structure of NHEV charging stations with less consumption of AC and heaters and illuminated with sunlight in daytime and solar batteries during the night. Takes nothing from the environment and neither gives much emission nor any waste as it recycles all its waste internally with inbuilt waste management treatments”.

Mr. Sinha also added, that the Power Ministry’s 2018 relaxation of exempting licensing norms for setting up charging stations was real ease of doing business which enthused us to do NHEV pilot and result is in front of you; as young entrepreneurs like Mr. Praveen and Mr. Narender Yadav making India’s largest charging station. The Ministry of Power’s recent guideline in Jan 2022 has opened the door for now using government land for charging stations will further boost the monetization of such assets in the national interest of reducing oil import bills by faster adoption of electric vehicles.”

He also thanked NITI Aayog’s Advisor Mr. Sudhendu J. Sinha for the go-ahead they gave to sell electric vehicles and batteries separately in 2020 helped a lot to make the Annuity Hybrid E-Mobility (AHEM) model more viable and practical for operators. He said that- “30 Minutes, 30% Percent and 3 years are very important for this NHEV project. Because every electric vehicle will get technical back up on this e-highway in 30 minutes during breakdown, fleet operators will get vehicles at 30% lesser price and within 3 years investor’s CAPEX spent on civil and electric infra of charging stations will reach its breakeven.”

Various Officials has been invited from concerned ministries, nodal and regulatory bodies, like Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, Ministry of Heavy Industries, Ministry of Power, CESL, EESL, Bureau of Energy Efficiency, Bureau of Indian Standards, Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Commerce and industry, Ministry of Micro, Small and medium enterprises, DPIIT, CEA to visit this prototype station from techno-commercial aspects and provide their inputs on ‘Certification Compliance’ and ‘Safety Standards’ to make them available on Ease of Doing Business platform with installation and commissioning services from Alektrify across India in cities and highways.

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