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India’s Largest Electric Vehicle Charging Station Commissioned In Gurugram; Gets 100 Charging Points

The EV charging station is located in Sector 52, Gurgaon.

Improving the electric vehicle charging infrastructure in India, Alektrify, the official commissioning and installation partner company of National Highways for Electric Vehicles (NHEV), inaugurated its charging stations on Jaipur–Delhi-Agra E-highway under the Ease of Doing Business pilot program. With more than 100 charging points, this EV charging station located in Sector 52, Gurgaon, becomes the largest EV charging station in the country, which is even bigger than the EV charging station located in Navi Mumbai with 16 AC and 4 DC charging ports.

Sudhendu J. Sinha, Adviser (Infrastructure, Connectivity – Transport and Electric Mobility), NITI Aayog, said, “India is committed towards the fight against environmental degradation and achieving carbon neutrality by 2070. Electric Vehicles will significantly help India achieve these targets. The EV charging station inaugurated today fast forwards India’s entry into the EV era and opens doors for faster adoption of EVs. Not only will this station encourage more people to invest in electric vehicles, but also motivate people to invest in the EV charging infra business.”

A single AC charger takes about 6 hours to fully charge an EV and can juice up another 4 EVs in a single day.

India’s largest EV charging station with over 100 charging points for electric four-wheelers has been inaugurated in Gurugram, Haryana.

The station has 96 operational charging ports for electric vehicles at a time and can serve up to 576 electric vehicles throughout the day, from its 72 AC slow charger and 24 DC fast chargers. A single AC charger takes about 6 hours to fully charge an EV and can juice up another 4 EVs in a single day. Combined, the 72 AC charger can rejuvenate 288 EVs every day. The company also claims that the DC fast chargers can charge a vehicle in less than 2 hours and comfortably charge another 12 EVs every day from this station. Moreover, another 24 such DC 5KW chargers can charge 288 EVs in a day-night utilization as well.

It is worth noting, that electric vehicle charging stations of this size and magnitude are rare in our country and will only be instrumental for the automobile industry to further expand this, allowing more EVs to be introduced in the market. A spokesperson for NHEV said that this ultra-modern station meets all the regulatory standards set by the government and will set the standard as a prototype station for all the upcoming EV charging stations of the National Highways for Electric Vehicle (NHEV) pilot project.

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