India Can Move Up To Number One Position On Ease Of Doing Business Ranking If States Work In Tandem With Centre: MoS IT

Union Minister of State for IT Rajeev Chandrasekhar has said that India’s Ease of Doing Business ranking can go up if all state governments support entrepreneurship and investments and not cling to vestiges of the past.

Addressing the “Techspectations Digital Summit” in Kerala’s Kochi on Friday (17 February), the minister said, “Today, we are living in most opportunity rich times in independent India’s history. We are at an inflection point where there are tremendous opportunities for growth of our economy”.

“The Government is playing the enabler for the young Indians to dream and ensuring that those dreams turn into reality,” he said.

The minister said that India can go up the ladder on Ease of Doing Business index if all state governments worked together with the Centre.

“All state governments are not performing at the same level of transparency and support to entrepreneurship and investments and have clung on to the vestiges of the past. If each of them worked in tandem with the Centre, India can move up to the number one position from the present 63rd,” he pointed out, the IT Ministry said in a release.

He said the Modi government has redefined the goals for India with respect to technology, and has emphasised on moving from being a bland consumer of Western technology to becoming a producer of technology and a trusted tech player for the world.

The Minister said that PM Modi has envisioned that technology as that which should transform ordinary citizens lives and make an impact on governance and democracy.

In furtherance of it, he said, “Today when a subsidy leaves the government exchequer it reaches the beneficiary’s account without any leakage or corruption. This is what technology has done to transfer the lives of citizens”.

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