First Public fast EV charging station in Brij Bhoomi, Vrindavan at Brij Hospital & Research Center

“BHRC EV Charging Station” will be the First Public Fast EV charging station at Vrindavan, which will be powered by “Yahhvi” supported by world’s best EV Charging product technologies by EO Charging UK. Yahhvi, is a leading E-mobility, Charge Point Operator, and the network partner for leading brands from US & UK. With a Vision to be the best charging solution providing company with aligned partners enhancing sustainable energy in India, the company has installed more than 273+ charging points for individuals, commercials, residential and Destination charging and this number will be 500+ before March 2023.

Mr. Sandeep Yadav, Director – Yahhvi said, “Today we know that electric vehicle has been picking up, I am sure it will take little more time to pick up on a real large scale, but today I, you, we all are responsible to give support to our Honourable Prime Minister vision of achieving India’s long term goal of reaching net-zero carbon emission by 2070 and with this vision, we will not only save lives but we can create more than 50 million jobs and can support more than $15 trillion to our economy till that time”.

“The time to say Oil as gold is gone, Now the Green is New Gold”

And the Indian government’s push for green technology and e mobility is going to be the GOLD of India for India, it will be the major driver to self-sustain economic growth in the coming decades.

We as Yahhvi are on a path to give our full support to the India Vision and are working day and night to make India self-sustainable in green mobility supported by world’s best EV Charging product technologies to the people for the people.

“This station will provide fast charging to all types of Vehicles within 40 min to 1 hour time only and we will scale it up to 360 KW to cater the buses as well in future. The company has taken a mission to install 4000 charging stations, PAN India network of franchise partners, 2000+ trained resources, and awareness to 500K + youth by FY 2025 and working day & Night for providing sustainable & robust charging solutions at CAPEX & OPEX model for residential, commercial, multilevel parking’s, shopping malls, hotels, etc.”

He further added, “Yahhvi is in discussion with some of the premium real-estate developers to have a long-term strategic partnership for developing EV charging facility on group level. To make world-class & green Public transport, the company is in talks with BUS OEM’s and soon planning to install bus charging HUBs to cater the demand of increasing public transportation, along with that company is working very closely with many municipalities and other organizations to develop EV charging on their parking areas”.

Yahhvi has done a lot of long-term O & M contracts with reputed builders in Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Chennai, Pune, Jaipur, Udaipur, Chandigarh and Lucknow. By installing chargers on national highways & state highways, Yahhvi is smoothening the Destination charging for EV users in India. For more details, please visit www.yahhvi.com

Highlighting the need for EV charging station, Honourable Pandit Shrikant Sharma Ji, Member of Legislative Assembly Vrindavan – Mathura said, “Fast-charging stations are necessary to support the growth of electric vehicles, and Yahhvi’s smart EV charging station will undoubtedly fill the gap and ease the anxiety that people are feeling as a result of the scarcity of EV charging units”. The government of India and State Government has taken a lot of steps by FAME and other policy frameworks and now the private sector, investors, civil society organisations, and individual citizens need to step forward and accelerate the Green Revolution.

“With such fast pace growth in EV infra, UP is moving rapidly towards 1 trillion $ economy” says Mr Abhijeet Sinha 

Mr. Shyam Sunder Beriwala, Chairman of Brij Sewa Samiti said, “Brij Sewa Samiti and Group has announced a strategic partnership with Green Velocity Private Limited by brand “Yahhvi”, to establish the First Fast electric vehicle charging Station at Brij Bhoomi Vrindavan with initial installation of 2 Fast Chargers and this number at Group level will be 110+ within next 6 months. As we are itself using EV’s for the last one year and we feel with all these installations more people will attract towards this clean technology, which is a need of the hour.

“Shri Brij Multi Specialty Hospital & Research Center” is a charitable multi- specialty hospital started by the Trust, the donors, and local representatives that cater to the multiple health problems of the people of Brij Bhoomi and adjoining areas.

At Vrindavan Mathura, BHRC is a recognized name in patient care. Backed with a vision to offer the best in patient care and equipped with technologically advanced healthcare facilities. Brij Healthcare & Research centre hospital is built on 7 acres of land and was opened to the public on 30th April 2006 and has facilities like ICU, Operation Theatre, 24hrs emergency service, CT Scan, Ultrasound, Digital X ray Cardiac OPD with facilities for ECG, TMT, etc.

And Now BHRC with the vision of their Chairman Mr. SS Beriwala have taken one more step to give fresh air and pollution free commute not only to people of Vrindavan & Mathura but also to all the EV users coming to Vrindavan for Homage Shri Banke Bihari and holy land of Vrindavan.

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