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Ease of Doing Business calls global innovations for instant 60 sec COVID19 test technologies for commercial pilots in India

Indian emerging tech prototyping agency Advance Services for Social and Administrative Reforms (ASSAR) invite global applications from healthcare entities to provide Technology – Products & Services (TPS) for instant COVID19 test who typically gives reliable results within 60 seconds to conduct commercial pilots of their prototypes under its Ease of Doing Business program before 3rd wave.

File Photo: Abhijeet Sinha, National Program Director Ease of Doing Business at ASSAR

Talking about its techno-commercial efficacy of the pilot, its lead technocrat Abhijeet Sinha, National Program Director, Ease of Doing Business division at ASSAR mentioned that “We are looking for testing technologies that gives instant results so that we do not end up locking down everything in third wave. Also those indispensable public and private sector operations who suffer huge losses on daily basis can afford such instant tests if proven to be economical too in this pilot program.”

He added that this critical pilot covers key aspects in its initial qualification criteria like only those technologies shall be considered whose results should be available instantly within 60 seconds and has capabilities to detect emerging mutations and variants of COVID19 virus. Regarding accuracy and regulatory compliance he clarified that it’s a commercial pilot not medical prototyping; only a technology medically pre-approved by ICMR / US-FDA / CE-IVD shall be considered to showcase their portability, simplicity, cost-efficiency, scalability, prevention of data falsification & optimization with internet connectivity, high – throughput for testing at international disembarkation as well as last mile testing in rural outbreak.

Regarding its availability for public usages he mentioned that we have finalised a corroborated screening process with competent bodies for applications received from 10th July to 25th July 2021 then shortlisted companies shall go under the logistical and financial planning for execution in the month of August 2021.


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