Digitisation Revolutionising The Way Healthcare Is Provided: AIIMS Chief

New Delhi: AIIMS director Randeep Guleria today said the healthcare sector is witnessing a “huge change” due to the fourth industrial revolution and digitisation is revolutionising the way healthcare is provided.
Speaking at an event hosted by Ambedkar University, Delhi, Dr Guleria said the fourth industrial revolution will fundamentally alter the way “we live, work and relate to each other”.

The scale, scope and complexity of the transformation will be unlike anything humanity has experienced before, he said.

“Healthcare has seen a huge change because of the fourth industrial revolution. Digitisation is revolutionising the way healthcare is provided – from the interaction between patients and caregivers to government and stakeholders,” he said while delivering the keynote address at AUD’s research festival – Shodhotsav 2022.

“In the fourth revolution, we are going to see new diagnostic methods of treatment and diagnosis, better way for monitoring health care, new innovations in management and organisation of health systems and access to health care,” he added.

Dr Guleria said there are going to be issues of inequality and disruption of jobs and skills as the society is going through the industrial revolution.

He said a holistic approach to arts and humanities is needed to progress in the “right” direction.

“This is important for scientists and responsible citizens to look at it (issues) in a comprehensive manner and this has to be done by industries, government-private sector academia, social scientist and civil society,” he said.

Emphasising the importance of research in social science and humanities, Dr Guleria asserted that humanities and arts are needed for creative methodologies, knowing the world and developing modes of knowledge production.

“It will help in connecting diverse ideas and provoke unexpected conversation,” he said.

The AUD has organised three-day festival — ‘Shodhotsav 2022 Research [In] the Pandemic’ — aiming at its research scholars to write about their experience of this global pandemic and how it has affected their lives.

The three day festival began on Wednesday.

The university said the festival hopes to boost the confidence of research scholars, as 59 papers and seven photo essays have been accepted to be presented at the conference.

Speaking at the event, AUD Vice-Chancellor Anu Singh Lather said there is a need to set a direction in social sciences research so that they are read, referred and are converted into the social capital of the society.

“Currently all social sciences researchers focus on the paradigm of research for the people and not research by the people and of the people. We need to set a direction in social sciences research so that they are read, they are referred and they are converted into the social capital of the society.

“The emerging paradigm in education is the appreciation of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art/Design and Mathematics) courses moving from STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art/Design and Mathematics) courses,” she added.

Shodhotsav 2022 will culminate with the valedictory address by Prof. Virendra Kumar Malhotra, Member Secretary, ICSSR, New Delhi.

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