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Charging station for 100 vehicles, largest so far, opens doors in Gurugram

GURUGRAM: A charging station for electric cars that can accommodate 100 vehicles at the same time, making it the largest such facility in the country, was launched in the city on Friday.
The station, built by a private company but part of a government initiative to strengthen the support infrastructure for EVs as India gears up to usher in the electric era, will act as a prototype for the larger rollout of a charging network on the Delhi-Jaipur highway, officials said.

The charging station at Sector 52 was unveiled by National Highways for EV (NHeV), an entity to promote electric mobility on highways. Built by Alektrify Pvt Ltd, it is equipped with 72 AC slow chargers and 24 DC fast chargers.
Abhijeet Sinha, project director of NHeV said the privately owned charging hub will serve as a prototype for around 10 charging stations proposed on the Delhi-Jaipur highway that will be jointly owned by the Centre under the public-private-partnership (PPP) model.

“This ultra-modern station is now open to meet all regulatory standards set by the government. It will also set the standard as a prototype station for all upcoming EV charging stations of the NHeV pilot project to build India’s first 500 km e-highway between Jaipur, Delhi and Agra,” said Sinha.

Sudhendu J Sinha, adviser (infrastructure connectivity – transport and electric mobility) at Niti Aayog, who was present for the unveiling, emphasised the need to boost charging infrastructure. “We have noticed that range anxiety associated with EVs continues to be a challenge and that necessitates the need for robust charging infrastructure, especially on highways. This prototype will help us in setting up such charging stations every 50km, whereby the time a car owner stops for a tea beak, the car’s battery gets charged,” he said.

“Alektrify is an official commissioning and installation partner company of NHeV pilot for setting up charging stations on the Jaipur-Delhi-Agra highway,” said Praveen Kumar, the MD of Alektrify.

In the first phase of the Delhi-Jaipur e-highway project, around 10 such charging stations – four on each side of the highway and one each in Gurgaon and Jaipur – will be built, according to NHeV. EV charging hubs on the highways will be developed as wayside amenities with food courts and marts, besides screens for advertising revenue.

“One of the major hindrances in setting up EV charging infrastructure is the ambiguity around design, compliances with safety norms and standards, and scepticism towards the profitability. This prototype aims to address all that,” said Abhijeet Sinha.

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