BluSmart reaches Dubai, exporting ecosystem is not a distance dream : Abhijeet


Technocrat shared his experience while congratulating Indian ride-hailing service BluSmart for their pilot footprint in Dubai

First time around 2013 I got opportunity to meet various countries representatives who came from different European and American countries to India. But not just to Invest. They came to sale their services and expertise in ‘building and running’ ecosystems like micro- nuclear reactors, water-treatment plants, underground sewer management to ITMS surface transport and traffic management, tunnel to bridge; for everything they had a technology transfer proposal and a prototype in their country to believe its proof of concept (PoC).

Abhijeet Sinha.

Interestingly few of them landed in Vibrant Gujarat putting on their investors hats. Those beginning days PM Narendra Modi personally used to supervise and deeply examine foreign footfall. After careful listening and understanding it comprehensively; he said

“Abhijeet, its not far that Indian companies would go across the globe to build digital and physical infrastructure, where not only technology or tech-services but they will offer complete ecosystem – technology, product and services along with skilled manpower” – Narendra Modi CM Gujrat

In next 10 months he sworn as Prime Minister of India. And in next 10 years today, India is not just building Digital Payment Infrastructure for countries but good to see that also testing Electric Mobility ride-hailing service in Dubai for the world.

After a crucial series of competitive technical trials for E-Highways between India and Germany now world to looking towards successful beta versions of Indian ehighways. Instead of following the German pantograph electric corridors. Its not a distant dream; that soon India would be able to offer everything needed by many countries, to convert their mobility and roads in Electric Highways, be it planning, trials, construction, metal – materials, electrification and digitisation, EVs to Hydrogen SUVs or Busses, manpower to operating services, everything under same brand ‘Bharat’ and ‘Made in India’.

“If I include Amitabh Kant’s G20 recent projections and highly commendable efforts on Global Biofuels Alliance (GBF) then India will also export Hydrogen and Green Fuel in near future. Today it’s already exporting SUVs and EVs, recently with BluSmart trial it started exporting Tech-Based ride-hailing services. I am sure it should be a moment of pride for Indian drivers operating in Dubai to get an opportunity to work in a company from their country and also electric.” He added before congratulating BluSmart founders and teams.

I congratulate Anmol Jaggi, Punit Goyal, Anirudh Arun, Rishabh Sood, Tushar Garg along with entire BluSmart Team and extend my best wishes for these trials.

Abhijeet Sinha

While congratulating he also told that “ I am reasonably sure that BluSmart will demonstrate its excellent performance in Dubai pilot. As they have shown robust performance in India during National Highway for EV (NHEV) tech trial run between Delhi to Jaipur. And we are going to table its report before parliament in the next session as sought by the committee reviewing government’s electric mobilty initiatives in India.

India’s BluSmart is testing its ride-hailing service in Dubai

Source : Tech Crunch | Published : 22 May 2024

Indian ride-hailing startup BluSmart has started operating in Dubai, TechCrunch has exclusively learned and confirmed with its executive. The move to Dubai, which has been rumored for months, could help counter the likes of Careem, Uber and Hala in the United Arab Emirates’ most populous city.

The Gurugram-based startup quietly enabled the new Dubai service through its app earlier this week and has created a separate subdomain for Dubai on its website. BluSmart co-founder Anmol Jaggi confirmed to TechCrunch that the pilot started Tuesday with 100 Audi E-Tron SUVs and 130 drivers in the city. The formal launch will be in early June, he said.

BluSmart started planning its debut in Dubai in early 2023, people familiar with the matter told TechCrunch. When contacted in late March last year, BluSmart CBO Tushar Garg refuted the development. However, its co-founder Punit Goyal said in an interview with a local media outlet later in the year that the startup was launching in Abu Dhabi and Dubai between November and December.

Without disclosing a specific timeline, Jaggi told TechCrunch that the Abu Dhabi launch will be later this year.

The ride-hailing startup, which counts BP Ventures, Mayfield India Fund and Green Frontier Capital among its early backers, was founded in 2019 by Jaggi, his brother Puneet Jaggi, and Punit Goyal to take on the duopoly of Uber and SoftBank-backed Ola. It started with an EV fleet in Gurugram and Delhi and later expanded to Bengaluru in 2022.

In January, the startup raised $25 million from Switzerland-headquartered impact fund ResponsAbility to pump up its charging infrastructure.

Last month, BluSmart announced its annual run rate grew 102% to $60 million, marking a compound annual growth rate of 300% over the last three years. The startup has a fleet of more than 7,300 EVs, covering nearly 286 million miles, and aims to reach 10,000 by the end of 2024.

Source : Tech Crunch | Published : 22 May 2024

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