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Future of cutting edge Drone Technology

The drone industry is estimated to be worth $21 billion by 2025.

In 2018, the construction sector saw a 239% increase in the adoption of drone technology.

Drone technology is rapidly changing the way many companies do business, and construction sites are no exception.

The traditional method of getting the site data was carried out on-foot or via manned aerial vehicles. Unfortunately, these methods were expensive and time consuming.

By using drones, construction teams can monitor their job sites and keep up with progress in real-time.

Drones are transforming the construction industry. Here are some examples of how.

➡️ Drone allows you to survey vast acres of land in just a few minutes, saving up to 20x the cost of creating topography maps.

➡️ By capturing real-time data and providing necessary reports, collaboration improved by 65%.

➡️ Drones keep track of each piece of equipment on the jobsite.

➡️ Drones have increased safety by 55% by monitoring falls and ensuring workers stay out of harm.

➡️ An inspection using drones can capture the true condition of a building — saving you money and catching issues early on.

Cut costs, cut time.
Explore the possibilities with drones.

Authored by Akhilesh Srivastava
NHEV Knowledge Group Member | World Economic Forum | IT Advisor to Government of Uttarakhand

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