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Only three colors on road for next 20 days

EoDB division of ASSAR to propose help GoI, with Manual for quarantined delivery

80% people stopped by police on roads mentioned groceries pickup as reason. We all are worried about their essential supplies, keeping physical shops open for essential items is not helping and also dilutes lockdown purpose, if rush overpowered physical distance protocols. Urgent need to confer with online platforms like amazon, bigbasket, bigbazaar, reliancefresh, and others to fully activate their online portals for all essential items sabji, milk, groceries etc and ensure proper practices of safeguards and security escort for their delivery to people’s doorstep.

Then at least everybody in densely populated cities could be forced to stay home except emergency workers and we might succeed in fighting the virus. Benefits : Govt would have control over pricing, black-marketing would not be possible, any subsidy or waiver can be implied easily through vendors, delivery people already have ID cards to show police at check-post, any raw or perishable material which is stuck somewhere due to lockdown can be bought by these distributors to bring in main stream supply and list of covered items can be sourced from local vendors too at a temporary local distribution point for delivery as per orders placed from nearby app users.

PS: To be shared with MoCI, NITI Aayog, MoHFW and MHA tomorrow for consideration, shared for inputs. Please put your suggestions and operational challenges in comments, we shall include it in handbook and operational manuals if necessary.


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